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TN: CPI(M) Conference Urges People to Defeat BJP to Preserve Inclusiveness and Plurality

Neelambaran A |
The conference held in Madurai accused the BJP-led Union government of infringing on the rights of the state governments, unleashing central agencies to silence opposition and depriving the states of financial allocations.

Sitaram Yechury addressing the conference held by CPI(M) Tamil Nadu state committee against the attacks on States Rights 

The conference 'against the attacks on states' rights held by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI (M)) accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of intensifying the attacks on the principles of federalism, plurality and the idea of India.

The seminar was held in Madurai on July 23. The speakers accused the BJP and Sangh Parivar organisations of creating a rift in civil society for electoral gains.

Sitaram Yechury, the general secretary of the CPI(M), said that the General elections in 2024 will be a battle between BJP's policies of exclusion and the inclusive policies India has upheld for several years.

The speakers at the conference condemned the BJP government's blatant misuse of central agencies on opposition leaders, use of Governors to disrupt the functioning of the non-BJP government in states including Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and enactment of laws in the cooperative sector and farming without consulting the state governments.

A resolution passed in the conference urged the Union government to uphold in letter and spirit the concept of federalism, reconstitute the Planning Commission, withdraw the amendments to the electricity bill, cooperation act and codification of labour laws. The conference urged the BJP-led government to free the state governments from its clutches and permit them to frame their educational policies.


The CPI(M) and its alliance partners led by the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), Communist Party of India (CPI) and others participated in the conference. The conference called upon the people to defeat the BJP-led alliance in the 2024 General elections to protect the values of secularism, democracy and pluralism.

Addressing the conference, Yechury listed the attacks by the BJP-led Union government, including the efforts to centralise more powers, dilution of federal principles, using the central agencies to silence the voice of opposition and lower revenue share to state governments.

"There is an increasing attack on the principles of federalism under the Modi government, and it has intensified further in recent years. India has ensured equal respect and recognition for all the sections since independence. We are preserving the richest social diversity in the world," Yechury said.

Presiding over the conference S Venkatesan, the CPI(M) MP representing the Madurai constituency, accused the BJP of using the Governor to undermine elected state governments.

"The BJP is following a twin strategy for electoral gains. One is to consolidate its vote bank by spreading hate and dividing people. The other is to stifle the state governments through Governors, a clear attack on federalism," he said.

Referring to the 'Oneness' proposed and imposed by the BJP-led Union government, Yechury warned of the BJP's aspiration of converting India to a Hindutva Rashtra.

"The BJP wants to practise the 'One Nation, One Government' concept. The people of this country must teach them that India cannot exist without states," he said.


Several non-BJP state governments have been opposing the centralisation of powers, legislation of laws snatching away the rights of the state governments, lack of devolution of powers and failure to share revenue with states as per the constitutional mandate.

"The finance commission has promised to share 42% of the revenue with the state governments, but only 30.4% has been given. The BJP government, without consultation with states, rolled out the three farm laws and the Cooperative Societies Act, which include issues under state subjects," Yechury said.

Inclusive policies and special powers to several states, including Jammu and Kashmir and the northeast states, were ensured to uphold diversity and plurality after a prolonged debate in the constitution assembly.

"The character of independent India is inclusive of languages, culture, tradition and religious affiliation. The right-wing forces opposed this inclusiveness then and are opposing it now. The battle in 2024 is to protest this inclusiveness against the policy of exclusion enshrined in the idea of Hindutva Rashtra," Yechury added.

The resolution passed in the conference also noted the multi-pronged attack on the rights of the state on fiscal issues, including the reduced allocations, restrictions on borrowing limits, dilution of 69% reservation followed in Tamil Nadu and lower importance to the regional languages.

"This BJP government doesn't want to be held accountable and does not want to answer the questions. We have to safeguard the country, Constitution and states' rights," Yechury said.

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