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Cartoon Click: On Jack Dorsey's Statement, BJP Leaders’ Rise in Chorus, ‘This a lie’!

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has made serious allegations regarding threats to Twitter by the Modi government. This comes in the backdrop of Union Minister Smriti Irani threatening a reporter, “I will call your boss”.
Cartoon Click: On Jack Dorsey's Statement, BJP Leaders’ Rise in Chorus, ‘This a lie’!

In a programme, Breaking Point, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has alleged that the Government of India made many requests to him during the farmer's movement, in which he was asked to close the accounts of journalists covering the farmer's movement and those who were critical of the government.

During the interview, when Dorsey was asked if he had to face pressure from foreign governments, he said the Indian government also threatened him that it would “shut down Twitter in India, if you don't obey our laws, we will raid your employees and put them in jail."

As soon as the Opposition termed the issue as “shocking” and demanded an answer from the Government, a string of ministers rose up in chorus to say “This is a lie”.

Incidentally, Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk has also held similar views of India’s social media regulations. In April, Musk had said that he would rather comply with the government’s blocking orders than risk sending Twitter employees to jail.

Interestingly, this comes soon after Union Minister Smriti Irani was recently caught on camera threatening to call up a reporter’s boss as he persisted on asking her a presumably uncomfortable question.  

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