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WB: Left Extends Support to 572-day Long Dharna of Job Seekers

On Dashami (tenth day of Durga Puja), a delegation of the Left Front expressed solidarity with the job seekers.

Veteran left politician Biman Basu addresses the demonstration

The site where goddess Durga’s idol worship is being held at government expense, job seekers have been holding fort for a long time. Here, three stages are next to the Gandhi statue, and four stages are next to the Matangini Hazra statue. On protest here are those candidates who cleared primary, secondary, and group D examinations. The tragedy is that those who bribed officials got the job.

Job seekers have been picketing under the statue of Gandhi at Dharmatala for 572 days. Rakibur Sheikh, on behalf of Yuva Chhatra Adhikar Manch, told People's Reporter that many people are currently working as teachers who have not given the exam. “Many people got jobs even by submitting blank answer sheets. And we did not get the job even after passing the exam. Despite the court's order, the government is repeatedly neglecting us,” he complained.

Sanchita Sharma, who participated in the sit-in, told People's Reporter, “Earlier, we went on a fast. It didn't work. Those who were behind us on the merit list got jobs in a roundabout way. But we didn't get it. Since then, we have continued the fast for 572 days. We will strike indefinitely.”

Hasibul Islam from Murshidabad, who joined the dharna, said, “We have repeatedly contacted all the government departments during this time. We are not asking for any favours. We want fair jobs. It became clear in the (High) court how the recruitment (process) was corrupt.”

On the joyous day of Durga Puja, even while they did not get any support from the government, the Left Front leadership of the state has stood by the job seekers. Almost every day, leftist leaders have come to the dharna manch to show solidarity with the protestors.

On the Ashtami (eight day) of Durga Puja, on his way to the dharna manch to meet the job seekers, Communist Party of India (Marxist) state secretary Md Salim said that "Those who looted (the people) are now making pandals for the carnival. And those who are supposed to be enjoying their jobs are sitting on the streets demanding jobs. The Chief Minister's job is not to undertake worship. She doesn't understand that. Corruption occurred at all levels of recruitment. The Chief Minister cheated 25 lakh job seekers by saying that they would give jobs in the departments under her own control. There are still 6 lakh vacancies in the State government. The Chief Minister herself is responsible for this incident. A syndicate of thieves has been created in this state, headed by the Chief Minister."

On Dashami (tenth day), a delegation of the Left Front expressed solidarity with the job seekers. Left Front chairman Biman Bose said that “In this context, this incident has never happened in our state in the past. The government of this state has been vociferously supporting the sale of jobs in exchange for money. We have been with your movement, and we will be in the future.”

"I don't remember that there has been any movement for such a long time to demand fair rights. When you protested outside the Press Club in 2019, we Leftists still sympathised with your movement and stood by you. Then the Chief Minister met you. She promised to treat your case with sympathy. Like you, we were convinced by her words. But we did not think that you would have to continue this movement in 2022," Bose said.

CPI(M) leaders Biman Bose and Rabin Dev, CPI leader Swapan Banerjee, RSP leaders Manoj Bhattacharya and Ashok Ghosh, Forward Bloc leader Naren Chattopadhyay, DYFI leader Kaltan Dasgupta, CITU leader Indrajit Ghosh and others were part of the Left Front delegation.

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